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Revitalize Your Workplace with FZN Corporate Wellness

At FZN (“fusion”) Corporate Wellness, we know that a workplace thrives on a healthy and happy team. That's why we provide customizable employee wellness programs that cater to the needs of each business. By putting people first, our customized programs boost overall employee health, reduce absenteeism, and enhance productivity.


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About Section
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About FZN Corporate Wellness

FZN Corporate Wellness s is an employee wellness membership and individual service offering program. We offer a range of resources to help employees achieve optimal health and wellness. Our resources include nutrition plans, employee engagement programs, mental health support, breathwork exercises, weight loss challenges, and community wellness events.

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Program Benefits

Some of the key benefits of our corporate wellness programs include:

The ROI of Implementing Wellness Programs: 


Healthcare Cost Savings

On average, companies save $3.27 for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs due to reduced healthcare costs. (Health Affairs, 2010)



Implementing our comprehensive wellness programs can lead to a  reduction in absenteeism and sick leave. (American Journal of Health Promotion, 2015)

Our Services
Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Programs

Research shows that companies with comprehensive wellness programs can see a return on investment of up to $6 for every $1 spent on employee wellness. By investing in the health and wellbeing of employees, businesses can improve productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and boost employee morale. At FZN, we offer a range of corporate wellness services to help businesses achieve their wellness goals.

Discover the Right Membership Tier for Your Company

Our Corporate Wellness Membership Tiers Explained

Improve employee well-being and maximize your ROI with our comprehensive and flexible membership plans.

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Basic Tier:
The Starter Package


  • Full Wellness App Tracking & Analytics: Empower your team with an intuitive wellness app that tracks physical and mental health metrics.

  • Monthly Newsletter: Keep your employees informed and engaged with monthly newsletters full of tips, success stories, and challenges.

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Standard Tier:
Our Most Popular Offering


  • All basic tier features plus

  • Quarterly Live Webinar: Expert-led, interactive webinars that cover a wide range of health and wellness topics.

  • Seasonal Wellness Challenge: From Summer Hydration to Winter Wellness, our seasonal challenges keep your team engaged year-round.


Premium Tier:
The Ultimate Wellness Experience


  • All basic and standard tier features plus

  • Initial & Quarterly Perceived Wellness Questionnaire: Customized questionnaires to assess and track employee well-being over time.

  • Customized Challenges: Tailor-made challenges that meet the unique health and wellness needs of your team.

  • Quarterly Company-Wide Wellness Programs: Comprehensive, strategically planned programs that go beyond simple challenges to offer educational materials paired with actionable steps.

Why Choose FZN Corporate Wellness?

At FZN Corporate Wellness, we are committed to providing the highest quality wellness programs to help your organization achieve its health and wellness goals. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:


We understand that every organization is unique, which is why we tailor our programs to meet your specific needs and goals.


Our team of wellness experts has years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to helping your organization achieve optimal health and wellness.

Comprehensive Approach:

We believe that wellness is more than just physical health. That's why our programs also focus on mental and emotional well-being, as well as financial wellness.

On-site Services:

We make it easy for your employees to participate in our programs by offering on-site workshops, fitness classes, and other services.

Our Process for Delivering Customized Corporate Wellness Solutions

At FZN Corporate Wellness, we believe that every company is unique and requires a customized approach to wellness. Our process involves understanding your organization's specific needs, goals, and challenges, and creating a tailored plan that meets those requirements.

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Consultation and Assessment

Our process begins with a consultation and assessment to understand your organization's culture, employee demographics, health concerns, and goals. Our team will work with you to identify the areas that require improvement and create a wellness plan that aligns with your objectives.

Plan Development and Implementation

Once we've completed the consultation and assessment, we'll develop a customized plan that includes the appropriate wellness programs and services to meet your organization's needs. We'll also provide recommendations on how to implement the plan and provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the process.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We believe that it's essential to continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the wellness plan to ensure that it's meeting your organization's goals. We'll work with you to develop metrics to measure success, and regularly review the progress of the program to identify any areas for improvement.

Adjustments and Continuous Improvement

As your organization's needs evolve, we'll adjust the wellness plan to ensure that it continues to meet your goals. We'll work with you to implement any necessary changes and continually improve the program to deliver the best possible results.

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