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10 Ways to Add Some Movement at Your Desk & Why You Should Start Today!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Well, don’t just sit there… Get moving! Here are some tips for you if you just sat at your desk all day today.

Are you one of those people who keep getting alerts on your activity-tracking devices to get up and stretch out those legs every hour?

Benefits of Moving Every Hour

Do you want to see what you have to gain before getting started? All it takes is taking a quick lap of the office or home, aiming at approximately three minutes of movement every hour to…

· Increase your energy

· Clear your mind

· Improve mood

· Activate and elevate your metabolism

· Increase blood flow (reduce risk of varicose veins)

· Improve posture

Risks of Inactivity

If those are enough for you how about reducing your risk of premature death?

A study showed that by trading two minutes of sitting for two minutes of light-intensity activity each hour lowered the risk of premature death by 33%.

When you spend most of your time in a sedentary state (inactive), you increase your risk of:

· Cardiovascular (heart) disease

· Type 2 Diabetes

· Anxiety and depression

· Obesity

· Lower skeletal muscle mass (less muscle)

· Elevated blood pressure

· Higher cholesterol

Sneaky ways to move at your desk and throughout your work day

  1. Use a standing desk

  2. Sit on an exercise ball, try to move, roll and bounce around to activate your core

  3. Set a timer to get up and take a lap

  4. If you’re feeling bold, try out a treadmill desk

  5. Do leg lifts and exercises under your desk

  6. Place a mini exercise bike under your desk

  7. Try out walking meetings

  8. Workout on your lunch break

  9. Mini band exercises at desk

  10. Stretch at your desk throughout the day

Tips for Staying Active

Don't worry, we're here to say that every little bit helps! The good news is that even small measures are taken to avoid sedentary time count. For example, getting up and moving a bit every 50 minutes helps your body stay active and gives your mind a necessary break. This may look like a quick lap around the office or kitchen to stretch things out a bit and get your blood circulating.

If getting up and moving away from your desk isn't a realistic option for you we have some more creative options as well.

· Walk to lunch: Try picking a restaurant that gives you the opportunity to take a longer stroll and consider inviting colleagues to join in.

· Break up hour-long meetings: Rather than defaulting to 60-minute meetings, try shorter sessions or ending early. Even ~55 minutes gives you the chance to stretch your legs in between.

· Walking meetings: If you’re about to brainstorm with colleagues, consider moving the meeting outside the office. Moving while you talk can remove the likelihood that people are distracted by phones or emails and may inspire creative ideas as well.

· Walking with friends: Social activities often revolve around food and can result in additional inactivity. Next time you’re meeting a friend for coffee or dinner, consider incorporating a walk around the neighbourhood into your time together.

Still, have some questions? Feel free to leave them below and we'll do our best to answer them.

Have an underlying health condition that you think might be contributing to your inactivity?

Book a complimentary discovery call with one of our Naturopathic Doctors to see if this is a good fit for you.

...and remember,

Get moving!

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